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New Experience from The Skunk Train

People have been riding the historic Redwood Route for over 130 years. It’s a grand history that today continues as an equally grand journey aboard the iconic Skunk Train, offering up to 40 miles of breathtaking landscapes that include mountains, rivers, valleys, bridges, tunnels, and the majestic Redwood trees of northern California.

Now comes a new experience. It’s one that allows you to discover a side of the Redwood Route that you’ve not seen before, as you ride the rails in a more intimate way – gliding along on a two-person RailBike.

RailBike? Indeed.

These pedal-powered vehicles have become popular around the country, and these are the first of their kind in Northern California.

The ride will take you seven miles roundtrip along the Pudding Creek Estuary, right on the same tracks that the Skunk Train runs on.

“It’s an amazing way to experience the natural beauty of the route in a more peaceful and personal manner,” said Robert Jason Pinoli, “Chief Skunk” of the Skunk Train. “You’ll be taking in the sights, sounds, and scents of our Northern California forest like never before. It’s truly a unique experience to be had in the North Coast region.”

Pinoli also said that Osprey, Blue Heron, and other wildlife might even come take a peek or two at you, and the turnaround point takes you into a calming Redwood grove that you’ll never forget.

RailBikes of the Skunk Train

The RailBikes were custom crafted especially for the Skunk Train, and they feature an electric assist that you can optionally use to help traverse the slight incline on your return trip, or just to enjoy a more leisurely journey.

Here’s some important info to help plan for your RailBike experience:

  • Rates are $250 per bike (minimum two riders).
  • Not suitable for small children, all passengers must be able to walk and should be at least 6 years old.
  • No infants or canine passengers on this trip.
  • Casual / sports attire suggested.
  • Close-toed shoes required.

If those details are a fit, you’re in for an unforgettable North Coast experience. Call today OR book online to reserve your time on the rails!

Phone: (707) 964-6371

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RailBikes of the Skunk Train